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Nails, nails - Mixed haul!

By purplio · March 27, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


I got a couple of nail polishes yesterday from different sources and am really looking forward to wear them in the next few weeks!

- not forgetting i still have brand new polishes that I have not used yet and a couple more coming my way, but who's counting? *whistles*

First up, Color Clubs and a lone Essie that Jenn very kindly helped to order...

L-R: Color Club Ulterior Motive, Total Mystery, Alias and Essie Hot Coco

The color club colors are amazing! Just look at all the shimmers party going on in the bottle!!! My favourite out of the 3 have to be Ulterior Motive - bright fuchsia pink with blue, purple and pink shimmers! They are part of Color Club's Alter Ego Collection for Spring 2011. They applied very nicely with 2 thick coats or 3 thin coats for total opacity.

I ordered 2 Essies, but Merino Cool was oos :( just as well since its a very close dupe of Metro Chic, so i'm left with Hot Coco. Hot Coco is touted to be a very close color to Essie Mink Muffs and whenever I look at Hot Coco, the image of delicious creamy chocolate milk comes to mind immediately :p

Quick swatches w/o top coat

Next I got the OPI Silver Shatter polish and a TINS Glitter polish from Tammy, Kas, Jerlaine and I went to her place to collect the polishes and had to walked up a hill and troop up 3 storeys of stairs... *huff puff*

I also ordered Skull & Glossbones and Mermaid Tears from her which I hope to receive soon!

I have no intention of getting any TINS polishes but when Tammy showed us the stock she has on hand, i just zoomed in on this gold glitter and decided to get it!

Mmmm... random polishes hauling over the weekend is therapeutic for the soul!

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