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Topshop Makeup and some

By purplio · April 17, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


I didn't really have any intention of checking out Topshop's new Sandstorm collection which was launched recently at our shores, lemmings were stirred up over coffee with Iris and Kas, which leds to me checking the products pictures and swatches on Iris's blog right there, which is why Kas & me ended up at ION's Topshop!

We swatched the products which are really quite nice and most of them are S$19 which is very reasonable. I resisted getting the blue & stormy grey Baked duo eyeshadows even though it was really pretty especially if applied over Zephyr eye crayon.

I got 3 items from the collection. Eyeshadow Mousse in Glint, Eye Crayon in Zephyr and Gloss Stick in Ablaze. I really like the gold/black pacakaging of the gloss stick and eye crayon!

Glint is a gorgeous shimmering chocolate color, the mousse texture is very easy to apply and blend. I imagine it to be a very easy and fast all over eyelid type of color. Not sure about how it would hold up on my oily lids, but I will definitely wear an eyeshadow primer like I always do.

My picture of Zephyr does not shows how gorgeous it is in real life, Makeupstash has an awesome post on it! I am going to try to layer all my different purple eyeshadows on Zephyr to see how amazing they turn out.

Ablaze is a very light coral color, the swatch shown is 2 heavy swipes... it gives a light coral sheen on the lips, very in with the spring trend and suitable for people like me who are not really daring enough to venture onto the full coral lip look.

I also picked up this cute long chain at Dorothy Perkins when Kas & I attended their Spring Fashion event and the Greatest Scrub Of All Facial Exfoliator from the newly launched Soap & Glory skincare line. The S&G scrub doesnt dry the skin out and has very fine (but definitely there) scrub bits.

That's all for now! :)

Skincare Routine (Featuring Vichy Bi-White Reveal)

By purplio · April 17, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


This is a respond to icefrost's Michelle tag and also something which I wanted to write about but just never got around to doing so. (not to mention this is the 2nd time I'm writing this long post cos of an unfortunate-disappearing-incident!)

My skin have kinda been the best it has ever been in the last 5~6 years, its not perfect, but I'm happy with how it is now. Of cos I'm still looking for ways to refine the large pores on my T-zone and cheeks, I still get a few spots around my jawline and chin occasionally but that's okay, I can live with it :)

I wasn't that into skincare then, makeup yes, so piling on all those foundations etc and not caring for the skin enough is bad! and for the past couple of years, I experimented with different skincare products and found out what was working best for me.

The lure of latest and better products available in the market will always be there, I find myself itching to try new skincare developed with the latest technology and whatsnot, I don't see any harm in doing so, along the way I might find another better product that suits me more, if not, I can always go back to the reliable ones that I've tried and proved to works for me!

I have very oily skin, large pores on my T-zone and cheeks, some acne scarring along my jawline/chin and the occasional spots around the same area too. I usually go for products that are light and easily absorbed by the skin, products that are too creamy and rich tends to break me out.

So lets get into it.... starting with makeup removers....

I'm a loyal user of Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Sheets, it removes waterproof mascara (not the Majolica kinda, heh) and waterproof eyeliners easily, no mess no fuss in a sheet. I started using the Boderma Crealine H2O solution (thanks to Sophia who so kindly lug it back from HK) recently which is a mild (think water!) but effective makeup remover for face and eyes, I usually use this over Biore if I have light MU on like just foundie and no eye mu. Leaves the face clean and soft.

After makeup removal, I will cleanse my face, likewise these are some of the cleansers I use in the shower too.

- Vichy Normaderm Deep Cleansing Foaming Cream: Creamy and produces a thick lather that I enjoy massaging my face with, leaves face feeling super clean but not dried out.

- Vichy Normaderm Purfying Cleansing Gel: I use this with my Clarisonic (twice a week or so) as it's a light gel so it wont be too drying or harsh on the skin coupled with the Clarisonic.

- Mandom Facial Scrub: My whole family have been using this for ages and love it! It leaves skin feeling fresh and clean after use.

- Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose in it: I use it on days when I come home after a looong day out, it instantly refresh my tired skin (after wearing makeup for such long hours)... also it's a quick mask too, leave it on for 3~5 mins and rinse it off to a brighter complexion!

I have since gone thru more then 1 of all the facial cleansers listed above and will definitely repurchase them when I run out.

In the day, I personally prefer skincare products that are light in texture and are easily absorbed by the skin (very important criteria that I look out for so I keep repeating them!) so that my makeup can go smoothly on top.

In order of application:

1. B.liv by Cellnique Shrink and Tighten: a gel like serum that I apply on my T-zone and cheeks. Smells citrus-ly and pores are getting more refined slowly.

Side-note on pore refining: I personally believe that one can't just depend on 1 product to refine and tighten pores effectively, pore minimising serums should work hand-in-hand with other products like exfoliator and masks to achieve optimal results.

2. Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfections Hydrating Care: my HG moisturiser! I really don't have to rave about this anymore and I have lost count of how many bottles I have gone through. Light in texture but moisturise my oily skin adequately so it doesn't produce anymore excessive facial oils and mattifies the skin.

3. Vichy UV Pro Secure SPF40 PA+++ for Oily to Combination Skin: I love this sunscreen and I am on the 2nd tube that I bought myself (with another backup which Vichy kindly gave previously). I don't like heavy sunscreen or those that leaves a white cast, this is specially formulated for oily skin which helps to control sebum production!

Sunscreen is an absolute must-have in my day routine especially since now that I'm using some AHA/BHA products at night which leaves my skin to be more sensitive to UV rays. I used to have the misconception of only wearing sunscreen when out and about in the sun, but when we're indoors e.g in the office, fluorescent lighting etc do give off small amount of uv rays so its always better to be more kiasu :)

Toners/Lotions as skincare companys is labelling them nowadays - I only use them in my night routine, and sometimes I forget this step before applying my creams and all.

I just started using the Vichy Bi-white Whitening Lotion 2~3 weeks ago, I rotate it with my Vichy Normaderm Imperfection prone skin lotion which I use when I feel that my skin is getting spotty. Both of them helps to ensure that the skin is clean from all dirt before applying on my skincare products.


After toning my face, I use my Paula's Choice 8% AHA or 2% BHA exfoliating gel twice or thrice a week. I prefer to use the Paula's Choice 8% AHA gel more as it is a milder option compared to BHA and my skin absorbs it better, almost immediately after that I can layer on other skincare and thats it. The 2% BHA gel takes longer for the skin to absorb, I have to wait ard 15~30 mins before i can layer on other skincare.

Next in order of application:

1a. Vichy Bi-White Anti-Dark Circle Whitening Corrective Eye Care: I have terrible dark circles and have just started on the eye cream regime not too long ago... I don't want dark and saggy eyes in future! After using this for more than 2 weeks, I say it helps to lighten dark circles slightly, it also penetrates into the thin eye contour area to keep the area supple.

1b. Skincology Vitamin K Eye Cream: Contains Vit K which is said to help fight dark circles, though I don't think it does anything for my dark circles but it does brighten up the eye area and fill up some very fine lines that I have.

2. B.liv by Cellnique Shrink and Tighten+: Specially formulated for night-time use. I started on the B.live pore minimizing series after I ran out of my Vichy Normaderm Pore refining essence, and they seems to be working well even though they have mixed reviews. This is a liquid product and feels a little slippery, I apply it on my areas where I have open pores and sometimes there is this slight tingly sensation which I like to belive that its the product working their magic!

3. Vichy Bi-White Reveal Double Corrective Whitening Emulsion: Contains LHA which helps to illuminate the skin surface. Not as heavy in texture as I imagine it would be and was absorbed readily the skin in preparation for the night cream.

4. Vichy Bi-White Reveal Whitening Night Cream: I slather this on right before I go to bed kinda like a sleeping mask, it helps to neutralize existing melanin and even out the complexion while sleeping.

On days when I have some spots/pimples/acnes, I use the Normaderm Anti-Imperfections Concentrate to get rid of them, after which its time to get rid of the nasty scarring and marks left behind, and for that I use Vichy Bi-White Reveal Deep Cell-Whiteining Spot Intervention. The active ingredients of LHA and the trademarked Ceramide White helps to neutralize melanin which is the main cause of pigmentation scarring at the epidermis.

It does really helps to lighten the stubborn acne scars I have around my jawline since a couple of years ago, the marks are still visible but has gotten lighter over the 2~3 weeks of usage and I don't even need to do much concealing on them now.

The texture is a light gel cream which I only apply to specific dark spots before my pore serums and moisturiser. The order of application is that products that targets the inner most layer of the skin should always go on first and then followed by products that are for the outer surface layer of the skin i.e pores.


I try to do masks at least once a week, or when I'm lazy, there's always the S&G scrub your nose in it facial wash/mask to fall back on!

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque and Boots Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask are both wash-off masks, slather them on for 20mins and just rinse it off. Helps to absorb extra oils in the pores and clear out those impurities stuck in the pores!

The orange packets of Shiseido Naturgo Sea Mud Mask are by far my favourite mask! Its applies black, thick & gooey and dries off to a tight rubbery flim which you peel off (not going to lie, it does hurts a little when u peel of the mask cos its sooo tight but I'm kinda used to it). It literally sucks and pulls out all the junks and dirts in my pores - I have this weird hobby of scrutinising the mask every time I peel them off, it is oddly comforting to see all those pesky whiteheads being pulled out! Pores are instantly tighter and more refined!

Thanks for taking time to read through this epic long and rambling entry on my current skincare routine. Skincare routines can change over time depending on skin conditions at that time and the problem areas that you want to target. Everyone's skin condition differs, what works for me effectively might not be the same on other skins :)

Disclaimer: All Vichy Bi-White reveal products featured are provided by Vichy. I am not affiliated to Vichy. All opinions expressed are my own.

Nails, nails - Zoya Gemma & OPI Suzi Loves Cowboy

By purplio · April 1, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


Zoya Gemma is a super special color from Intimate Collection. I'm very happy that I managed to get my hand on it.

Its a very gorgeous and wearable murky pale green with flashes of purple and blue duo-chrome!!! The shade changes ever so slightly when the lights hits at different angles.

As like most of the Zoyas I have tried, application was a breeze, 2 coaters.

After having the gorgeous green for my fingers for a couple of days, I decided that I want a darker and more "work appropriate" color.

Suzi Loves Cowboys is from the OPI Texas Spring 2011 collection. This is the only color that I picked up from the collection, I'm not even sure what pose me to order it at that time. Its a deep brown cream, something like a dark chocolate brown color too.

And the morning after i painted my nails with Suzi Loves Cowboys, i commited a booboo - I was thinking in the shower (lots of mundane and weird thinkings are done in the shower, heh)..... it seems like OPI likes to use the name "Suzi" a lot, Suzi Says Fengshui, Suzi Loves Cowboys, OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees, Suzi & The Lifeguard etc.....  which led to me posting the same statement on twitter.

Lo and behold... @OPI_products replied saying that "Suzi is the woman who creates all of our colors, she's the Executive VP, Aristic Director and Queen of Color here at OPI"

so did a couple of twitter babes who told me so!!!



"...Suzi is known as the First Lady of Nails, because she single-handedly creates every OPI Nail Lacquer shade based on each season’s fashion and beauty forecast. "

and to think I have been acquiring OPI lacquers since many many many years back, excuse me now while I continue to hide behind that huge rock.

Nails, nails - Mixed haul!

By purplio · March 27, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


I got a couple of nail polishes yesterday from different sources and am really looking forward to wear them in the next few weeks!

- not forgetting i still have brand new polishes that I have not used yet and a couple more coming my way, but who's counting? *whistles*

First up, Color Clubs and a lone Essie that Jenn very kindly helped to order...

L-R: Color Club Ulterior Motive, Total Mystery, Alias and Essie Hot Coco

The color club colors are amazing! Just look at all the shimmers party going on in the bottle!!! My favourite out of the 3 have to be Ulterior Motive - bright fuchsia pink with blue, purple and pink shimmers! They are part of Color Club's Alter Ego Collection for Spring 2011. They applied very nicely with 2 thick coats or 3 thin coats for total opacity.

I ordered 2 Essies, but Merino Cool was oos :( just as well since its a very close dupe of Metro Chic, so i'm left with Hot Coco. Hot Coco is touted to be a very close color to Essie Mink Muffs and whenever I look at Hot Coco, the image of delicious creamy chocolate milk comes to mind immediately :p

Quick swatches w/o top coat

Next I got the OPI Silver Shatter polish and a TINS Glitter polish from Tammy, Kas, Jerlaine and I went to her place to collect the polishes and had to walked up a hill and troop up 3 storeys of stairs... *huff puff*

I also ordered Skull & Glossbones and Mermaid Tears from her which I hope to receive soon!

I have no intention of getting any TINS polishes but when Tammy showed us the stock she has on hand, i just zoomed in on this gold glitter and decided to get it!

Mmmm... random polishes hauling over the weekend is therapeutic for the soul!

Haul: Illamasqua Blushers

By purplio · March 27, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


I guess all of us have heard about how wonderful Illamasqua products are, and I personally have been lemming to try some of the stuffs out but just somehow whenever there's sprees or sales, I'm just in 1 of those not very keen in shopping mode.

That shopping mode kicked in when Christie tweeted about an extra Illmasqua powder blush Katie that she have on hand and would like to let go... i googled the color - oh preeetttty! tweeted back to Christie and kinda sealed the deal right then. Eventually I also got the cream blush Promise as she made me a really good deal that I would kill myself if i passed up, thanks Christie! :)

Illamasqua Powder Blush in Katie - Cool Paste Pink (matte). Its very pigmented and even though it looks lighter in the pan as compared to MAC Well Dressed (which I blindly thought might be a close dupe) it swatches much more better then Well Dressed.

Illamasqua Cream Blush in Promise - Cute dolly baby pink. The cream blush goes on very smooth amd creamy. I have yet to try it on my cheeks yet, but I'm loving the color already.

And this is how Katie looks on my cheeks, very pretty pink flush!

Thanks for reading! :)

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